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必威体育平台We've prepared two comprehensive PDF guides and two checklists for you. With them, you'll learn absolutely everything you need to know to get you started on HomeExchange, how to prepare for your first exchange (as a host and as a guest) and two checklists for a quick check each time you’re being hosted or when you’re hosting someone. Find them all below!

Guide 1: The ABCs of HomeExchange

In our first HomeExchange guide, you will learn everything there is to know about this way of travelling and your first steps on the HomeExchange website. You'll find the answers to all the questions racing in your mind in this 12-page guide!

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Guide 2: Preparing for your first exchange

But what details should I take note of when arranging my exchange? How do I prepare my home for my guests? What should I prepare for my host? Our second guide will help you prepare for your first exchange! (And others to come, if you ever need a refresher!)

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Checklist for host

A quick checklist for you be sure that nothing is forgotten as you prepare your warmest welcome for your guest.

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Checklist for guest

必威体育平台A quick checklist so that you don't forget anything as you prepare to make your exchange partner's home yours.

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